A humanitarian approach

Twenty-two years of field experience in coaching have naturally led Thierry Colomb to develop his own method to help you gain self-confidence, to reach your personal or professional goals and defend yourself efficiently. Inner approach, communication, psychology, theater, self-defense; all of which make up his approach.

Coach and certified krav maga instructor, Thierry offers a human encounter and experience through an effective teaching method, positive and respectful destined to all; not only to security professionals and companies but also to men, women, seniors and children. Everyone can reap benefits adapted to concrete situations in everyday life, regardless of one’s abilities, strength or personal development needs.




Defending oneself and protecting others

Self-defense involves a set of techniques and expertise which can be used to defend oneself and protect others if attacked. Activating the right reflexes and knowing how to defend yourself whatever the circumstances can help not only to avoid risky situations, but also to increase self-confidence in your daily life. Thierry Colomb uses krav maga as the most efficient method to acquire the basics of self-defense and beyond. Self-defense training is relevant for everyone, not only professionals such as policemen, soldiers and security personnel, but also businessmen, women and children. Each person, whatever their physical strength or fitness level, can derive benefits which are adapted to real-life, everyday situations.




They share their experience

Group training

Weekly group courses are currently held at the times shown below,

PURE Sports Club, Route de Florissant 13 - 1206 Genève   022 317 18 18


Signed registration by parents is required for minors.


day to be determined |  19h30 – 20h30
Open instruction for men and women, all levels are welcome

(minimum age 14)


THURSDAY |  16h30 – 17h30
Boys and girls, 12 years old and up

THURSDAY |  17h30 – 18h30
Boys and girls, 8 years old and up



Private training

Thierry Colomb offers private lessons tailored to your requests and adjusted to your specific needs.

Depending on your preference, the courses can be held in your home or office, in nature or in a partner gym such as PURE Sports Club in Geneva or in my private studios in Vésenaz.

Group sessions can also be arranged as part of a corporate training.

Contact Thierry Colomb to define together your objectives and establish a personalized program.

Corporate training

A practical approach that proves that an employer creates a positive and healthy work environment for his employees by offering appropriate training. Managing agressive clients and stress, travelling & protecting one’s values, developing self-confidence, team building, learning to communicate better and to set limits, coaching and self-defense are among the many possibilities available.


Introduction to self-defense for children, developing self-confidence for teenagers, family training, female self-defense, prevention for seniors, anti-car jacking, anti-home jacking, third party defense for professionals.


M + 41 79 279 29 21
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